Under Utilized Infrastructure in Nashua – My Top 5


Areas I would like to see rehabbed, reused, and functional in Nashua.  These are all downtown or close to it…not in any order of preference.  Your thoughts?

The Franklin Mills

The Franklin Street Mill

1. This area of Nashua is one of my favorites.  It’s for sale too.

1870 Fire Station - AKA Arts and Science Center

1870 Fire Station – AKA Arts and Science Center

2. Many a memory of the Arts and Science Center.  Great location close to the library. http://jennifercote.info/nashuas-past-central-fire-station/

Mohawk Tannery(before the fire)

Mohawk Tannery(before the fire)

3. Ah, Little Florida…a hidden neighborhood.  Let’s do something with this piece of land!


Behind the Picker Building

Behind the Picker Building

4. Again, mill building.  The potential is fantastic!


The Greeley House

5. Yes, I have a fascination with Mill Buildings. This is the back of the Franklin Mills and that beautiful Greeley House.  This one is for sale too.

It’s best to walk around to really appreciate these areas…get out of the car!  I’ve blogged about a couple of them and had the pictures already.  The mill building area west of Main St (the area the Broad St Parkway will be heading into) has so much potential, so much history.

Don’t just look at the rubble, the skeletons of old buildings, the weeds and overgrowth…imagine the potential of what this area could be…please.

One more post: The End of the Hometown

-Just my thoughts. -Jenn

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Development Projects Gone Bad


This is a follow up from: http://jennifercote.info/nashuas-mill-revival/

Jackson Falls and the Nashua Riverwalk trail.

Jackson Falls and the Nashua Riverwalk trail.

So the title was to get your attention, while the design of this development may have had some flaws (downtown with limited public parking can have a negative impact), somebody was thinking outside the box and I’ve always been fond of this development.

The development I want to discuss is not a rehab of a mill, but new construction that tries to blend in with the architecture of downtown Nashua, NH. Jackson Falls Condominiums were built back in the mid-2,000’s.  Beautiful inside and out with high-end finishes…but the limited parking, narrow entrance, high initial offering price, and then the real estate crash caused the project to go into foreclosure.

The main driveway into the development from Main St, Nashua, NH

The main, single lane, driveway into the development from Main St, Nashua, NH


Below is the plan, each unit has one parking spot in the garage on the main level, and the guest parking is only around 10 spaces. The Nashua River is on one side, and fenced railroad tracks on the other, it would be nice if there was a pedestrian crosswalk for the residents to walk over to Canal Street from the parking lot.


Jackson Falls Plan - click to enlarge

Jackson Falls Plan – click to enlarge to see additional comments

With the continued redevelopment of this area, additional parking is sorely needed.  We have the very popular Portland Pie that opened on the other side of the tracks :), and parking is a problem there too.  We have Railroad Square which has a decent parking lot, but it’s usually pretty full with some great pickings like Fody’s Tavern, and the Riverwalk Coffee Roasters, and then there is parking along either Main or Canal Streets.

Upscale downtown living.

Upscale downtown living.

After a new builder/developer took over the units at Jackson Falls Condominiums, they sold for far less, but still with high-end finishes.  Even with what I consider development flaws I still love the idea behind it, and it is a beautiful building.  Fantastic downtown location, the concept of living near your work and not needing a car…or maybe having just one car, and being adjacent to the Nashua Riverwalk are reasons alone to want to live here.


Another post I did on new construction gone bad: www.jennifercote.info/subdivisions-builders-and-appraisers/

I would love to see more developments like this downtown, this one was a little ahead of it’s time, and as the city improves the parking situation, the marketability should improve.

-Just my thoughts.  -Jenn

*The units shown in this blog are all vacant or of the model unit.  The photos are taken from my cheap camera I use for appraising….so they are not that great, but you get the idea.

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