Is spring the best time to list your house for sale?


When does the spring market start?

When does the spring market start?

While spring typically has the most closings, it is not necessarily the best time to LIST your house for sale.  The graph below shows a 1-year history of properties for sale, sold, and new listings on a month to month basis in the Nashua region (Nashua, Hudson, Hollis, and Merrimack).  The red arrow points to the new listings on the month just before the inventory grew. The green arrow is when home closings where highest.

The best time to list a house for sale.

Nashua, Hollis, Hudson, Merrimack Sales History

Nashua, Hollis, Hudson, Merrimack Sales History

A large increase of homes came on the market in March(red arrow), which equates to more competition for a house listing.  The months from May to August you see closings (green arrow).  Since the time for a real estate transaction, from new listing to closing, can typically take 60-120 days (2-4 months) it makes sense the best time to list is the 3 months prior to the peak in closings.

So when is the best time to list a home for sale? The chart says: March through May, with early March being the tops. The market slows down considerably in August, so keep that in mind. This cycle is typical in New Hampshire.

-Just my thoughts. -Jenn

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The Nashua area real estate market. Merrimack real estate for sale. Hudson home for sale.


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Q&A Timberframe Value for Construction Loan

I received an email asking about the potential value difference between a new construction timberframe (post and beam, timber-frame, timber peg) home and the cost to construct it.Beam Timber Wood


 I plan to build a small timber frame home on a lot I own in NH but I am worried about the appraisal for the construction loan. In your experience, do new construction timberframe homes appraise significantly lower than cost to build? Thank you.

Hi Gene,

  There are so many variables that go into valuing a home.  Quality of construction is one of them…timberframe homes are certainly one of my personal favorites, and would typically merit a quality adjustment.  I say typically because some towns do not lend themselves to custom built homes so therefore no quality adjustment would be given.   

  Try to keep the value close to the median of that town, don’t be the most expensive home.  Seeing as it’s a small home, and perhaps a more simple frame, you may be fine. 

  So my answer is that “it depends” but most likely a timberframe home would not appraise lower than typical construction…if anything it may be slightly higher due to the unique construction.

041213_1459_NashuaNHRea3.jpgWhen building a new home there are many things you need to keep into consideration if you need to get a loan.   Don’t over build in size, in upgrades, in amenities…just don’t overbuild.  If you are building your dream home, plan on living there for a long time, and have the extra cash when the appraisal comes in low then go for it.  The timing for new construction has to be right too, with values going down over the last few years you could buy a existing, prebuilt, home for far less than new construction.  That’s changing now that the housing market has been stable in most areas in southern and eastern New Hampshire.  Housing starts are starting to increase!

-Just my thought.  –Jenn Cote

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