New Hampshire Property Tax Rates 2016


property taxesAt the end of every year, around October, our state releases the new property tax rates for the year.  BUT, tax rates are just part of the story for determining your property taxes.

There may be an Equalization Ratio that needs to be applied to the value of your home, and this is determined by how close your house’s Assessment is VS the Market Value. What’s an equalization ratio:


Below is a list of a few southern New Hampshire towns.  For the statewide list go to: NH Department of Revenue Administration.
(A higher tax rate doesn’t necessarily mean that town charges more in taxes.)

Southern NH 2016 Tax Rates

Per $1,000

Amherst $25.10
Derry $27.06
Hudson $21.97
Litchfield $21.60
Londonderry $21.50
Merrimack $22.79
Hollis $23.43
Milford $28.96
Nashua $25.07
Pelham $20.95
Salem $20.43
Windham not in yet

-Just my thoughts. Jenn

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The wave of foreclosures has everybody talking.  Right now there are so many foreclosures out there that it’s creating an oversupply of homes for sale.   There are times I’m doing an appraisal and the only comparable sales I have are foreclosures and these are not what I would use for a typical refinance or purchase.  Why, you say?

The problem is that typically homes that have been foreclosed on have issues with deferred maintence, interior elements have been removed such as lighting fixtures and even sinks, they are typically filthy, and many times the house becomes stigmatized to some extent.  Some would call it bad energy or just bad Fung Shui ( that comes from a foreclosed property.  People like homes that had a owner who raised a nice family there…a feel good home.

The quantity of foreclosures is creating a downward pressure on prices.  We appear to be at the bottom of this “Foreclosure Tsunami” and in the next few months there will most likely be a leveling off.   Once this happens the market will start to stabilize and hopefully people will stop being afraid to put their feet back in the real estate market.

Just something to think about.

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