My Twitter Philosophy for Following Others:

Yes, I enjoy a good twit!  I’m an off and on again participant.  Great way to meet people with similar interests from all around the  world.  On  the occasion I want to boost my website rankings I may post my website link, or  a blog post.

I’ve learned over the years to have a system in place to  organize my followers because it can get out of hand.  I have my favorites that I engage with and  then I have those who just post great stuff. Most others I weed out.  The way I  determine who I don’t follow is like this:

1. The person has a zillion followers, but very low tweets…basically
people who just follow everybody to get their follow list up.

2. No Egg Heads (lacking a profile pic).

3. No variation in posts, ie lists of quotes or only links.

4. Low to no engagement/interaction with others.

5. People who only interact with others or only talk about their
little lives.

6. Boring People, which cover #4 and #5.

To determine if I want to follow somebody I use Hootesuite to review their profiles.   I have an account with SocialOomph that sends out this autoreply message: Hi there! Engage me if you want me to follow you back. Just say Hi @AppraiserJenn Thank you –Jenn.”

So when somebody follows me I have a list set up in Hootesuite that shows my Outbox messages.   If somebody does in fact “engage” me I look at that profile first of course.  I go through my Outbox messages probably twice a month.

Not everybody agrees with my strategy, but it works for me.

-Just my thoughts.

Jenn and 

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