Top 10 reasons why working from home is not productive for me:


Shaggy on Desk

Shaggy on Desk

Why don’t I get anything done when I work from home?

As I sit here emailing a new real estate listing to my favorite client, and trying to finish an appraisal report, my mind starts to wander into the many reasons why I’m not as productive working from home.  So I decide to write down my top 10.

1. I cannot see the top of my desk because of all the junk mail, statements, children’s school notes, and the occasional dog on the desk.


2. Coffee breaks come every 15 minutes.

3. Dogs want to go out every hour.

4. The dishes in the sink are calling me…loudly (one just jumped to their death off the counter as the dog was licking it).

screaming.gif5. All the extra snack breaks.

6. The daydreaming that comes from being overwhelmed by the paperwork on my desk.

7. Once I wake up from the daydreaming I consider moving the wash into to the dryer.

8. Still considering it.

9. The inevitable delaying of the shower.  Then worrying I’ll have to go out on a moments notice.


Real estate productivity at its finest…I need to get to the office.

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Just my thoughts.  –Jenn


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