My iPad and Me

What can I say, it’s intuitive, it’s productive, and better yet…it’s fun. Unbelievably awesome. I’m not one to pick up every new technology, but I was already considering picking up an iPod touch. I could see how the bigger screen would expand the uses for work and play.

I’m typing this blog while driving down Route 8 in Connecticut. I was on Twitter a minute ago and realized I haven’t done a post since picking up the iPod. I have the time on this long drive down to Virginia Beach. My laptop is in the backseat, but it’s rather bulky and cumbersome for a car ride. The digital keyboard is very functional…I’ve been typing with my thumbs while holding the iPad vertical. It keeps up nicely with my fast typing and I love the self-correcting feature. I’m using the Pages application.

Last week I was doing a showing, and my client wanted to see another house close-by. I was able to log on to MLS (thanks to my PalmPre hotspot) and show him the interior pics before we decided to schedule the appointment. Then I set up the showing online. This could all be done with my laptop, but the iPad is far easier to carry and handle, the resolution is beautiful, and let’s face it…it’s cool!

-Just my thoughts.

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