My Twitter Philosophy for Following Others:

Yes, I enjoy a good twit!  I’m an off and on again participant.  Great way to meet people with similar interests from all around the  world.  On  the occasion I want to boost my website rankings I may post my website link, or  a blog post.

I’ve learned over the years to have a system in place to  organize my followers because it can get out of hand.  I have my favorites that I engage with and  then I have those who just post great stuff. Most others I weed out.  The way I  determine who I don’t follow is like this:

1. The person has a zillion followers, but very low tweets…basically
people who just follow everybody to get their follow list up.

2. No Egg Heads (lacking a profile pic).

3. No variation in posts, ie lists of quotes or only links.

4. Low to no engagement/interaction with others.

5. People who only interact with others or only talk about their
little lives.

6. Boring People, which cover #4 and #5.

To determine if I want to follow somebody I use Hootesuite to review their profiles.   I have an account with SocialOomph that sends out this autoreply message: Hi there! Engage me if you want me to follow you back. Just say Hi @AppraiserJenn Thank you –Jenn.”

So when somebody follows me I have a list set up in Hootesuite that shows my Outbox messages.   If somebody does in fact “engage” me I look at that profile first of course.  I go through my Outbox messages probably twice a month.

Not everybody agrees with my strategy, but it works for me.

-Just my thoughts.

Jenn and 

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Time Off!

2010 was the first time I was off the last week of the year. My reason was mainly for family, organizing my files, and gathering paperwork for tax time. I found an added benefit to having this week off: I was able to clear my mind and actually plan where I wanted to go in the new year.

I wish you all a happy and productive New Year!

-Just my Thoughts.

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Sorry…delay in posting due to busy real estate market.

Once a week is turning into once a month…yikes!

Well I now have my real estate license.   I will be working with Brin Realty Group in Amherst, NH in addition to appraising. Previous clients of mine who do rehab projects wanted my help in listing their properties.  Another adventure for me!

The market has been nuts as most are aware (those who are not aware don’t pay attention and don’t read blogs either).  I, like most others, am waiting for the election to see how the housing market will fare.  Everything is too uncertain now.  The bailout, the economy, the election…man what an exciting year!

Post Soon,


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Welcome to my blog!

My first blog, so exciting!  I will be talking about the real estate market in NH and basically just rambling on.  Most of my friends know how I love to talk about real estate, so I figure I could write it down so they don’t have to hear me talk about it so much.

 I just saw this article from the Manchester Union Leader.  Not many real estate shows come to NH…I guess since Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Manchester it put our little state on the map.  The number of volunteers was “extreme” and showed how generous us Granite Staters can be.’My+House+is+Worth+What%3F’+coming+to+NH&articleId=533e541f-0987-4960-a44a-9ee3bd695ccf Continue reading

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