Townie Tuesday Milford NH Town Hall


What can I say, I love Milford NH! I only lived there for 10 years but it’s a town that is forever in my heart.  Tons of open space, community events, parks, trails, and filled with friendly people. Heck, Centennial Park has engraved paver bricks with both my boys names on them.  So today’s townie Tuesday pic is of Milford’s town hall…the keystone of a wonderful town center known as the “Milford Oval”.

The Milford Town Hall - A Sentinel Watching Over The Oval

The Milford Town Hall – A Sentinel Watching Over The Oval

The town history is very significant to the area, and to the country.  An interesting piece of on the oval…have you heard about the year Milford “walked”?  Literally, many of the buildings around the oval where moved.  The Milford Do-It Commitee tells the history of  some of the top historical places in town:

So many of my favorite places are in Milford…Monson Village, the Mile Slip, Centennial Park, the Souhegan river, the swinging bridge, and Emerson Park (one of my favorites when the music is playing).  Maybe I need to write more pieces about the special places in Milford.  Another time….
-Just my thoughts, Jenn

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